Huggins Elementary Builds Community

Posted on Wednesday, March 16, 2022

A school should do more than teach academics. It should seek to engage the wider community. Huggins Elementary has been doing that for nearly 45 years.

Huggins was founded in 1978. Since then, it has become an integral part of the community providing children with a high quality, differentiated education, as well as helping build character. Skills that will stay with them as they progress through life.

Assisting them on this journey are highly trained teachers and staff. In 2022 Niche ranked Huggins’ teachers among the top 50 in Fort Bend County. Their success is demonstrated by state-mandated test scores that are well above average and the joy with which kids engage with learning.

Last year the school joined the Holdsworth Campus Leadership Program. The two-year program is designed for sitting principals and their teams. Participants learn how to identify and foster teacher leadership in schools through individual growth plans, feedback and coaching. An emphasis is placed on cultivating a continuous improvement mindset and culture of collaboration.

A unique feature of the school is the division of kindergarten through fifth-grade students into houses. The five houses are a mix of all grades where older students are encouraged to help younger students succeed.  The purpose of the houses is to teach collaboration, good character and citizenship.

While the school is venerable, instruction is modern with Smartboards in the classrooms and computer and tablet carts for the kids. The 4 Rs are supplemented by art and music classes. Gifted and Talented and special education classes are available.

The secret ingredient for student success is community collaboration. The school boasts a strong parent-teacher organization — Friends of Huggins — that works to support teachers and students through volunteerism, yearly fundraisers and donating classroom materials.

Vanbrooke is proud to be part of the Huggins community. We love our Huggins Hounds!